Back in China, I used to stand atop bridges that overlook the bustling roads of Beijing and recite the brand of every car that zoomed by. “Benz…Toyota…Nissan…Mazda…” My interest and passion for cars led me to conduct more research about these inventions. During my research, I encountered a tutorial on how to code a lane detection program, which looked very interesting, but quite challenging.

For detecting lane lines, this project uses OpenCV-Python. The first step in this process is edge detection, which identifies regions in an image with sharp changes in color intensity. Images are made up of individual pixels…

Public Transit | The Atlantic

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, relying on public transport has become significantly more difficult. Transit agencies have begun limiting the number of passengers per bus/train, leading to significantly less fare revenue. Typically carrying from 50 to 100 passengers, buses in Seattle are now limited to between 12 and 18 people. According to Time Magazine, home care worker Brittany Williams says she constantly misses two to three busses due to them being at full capacity. While the commute took half an hour prior to the pandemic, Williams now needs over an hour. The safety of using public transport has…

Future of Transportation | Tech Crunch

As the technology of humanity advances, we continue to strive to revolutionize all aspects of our lives. One aspect that I have been deeply intrigued by is the field of transportation. From the very first automobile, we have continued to upgrade our mode of transportation. Since then, there have been countless projects to make traveling by ground, air, and space, faster and more advanced than ever. Ranging from automated vehicles and airline-speed Hyperloops to space elevators and supersonic jets, I will be covering some of the most mind-blowing projects that may very well become reality.

Self-Driving Cars

Self-driving cars are probably something…

The problem with outdated educational resources.

School Textbooks | Quartz

In K-12 education in the United States and worldwide, the problem of outdated and illegible textbooks is an issue that has been neglected and needs to be addressed. I, among millions of other students, have personally experienced this problem for many years and it cannot remain overlooked. Months after I moved to the United States, in December of 2015, my parents enrolled me in a Christian private school in Arcadia, Los Angeles. …

Imagine if we were able to cut and alter DNA however we want. That is basically what prime editing is; this technology was developed back in 2019 by David Liu’s lab at the Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard. Prime editing writes new genetic information at targeted sites in the DNA, crazy right? This method of genome editing can replace nucleotides in the DNA, help mutations like insertions and deletions, and functions better than the well known clustered regularly interspaced short palindromic repeats(CRISPR) method. In short, prime editing can be described as a “search and replace” technology that can potentially…

Kerry Ji

Innovator at The Knowledge Society

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